How To Prepare For A Fallingwater Guest Tour

You may be planning a visit to the Fallingwater and wonder if you should be prepared and/or bring anything specific with you on the tour. The area around Fallingwater is rural and provides a great natural landscape to hike and explore for adventurous families, so there are a few things you might want to think about before you head out on your visit.

Here are some ways to prepare for your Fallingwater Guest tour so you can enjoy not only the home but the surrounding area as well.

Plan Your Visit Ahead Of Time

Fallingwater is a popular destination for hikers and those who enjoy architecture and history. This means you should plan your visit ahead of time, even a few months before you want to go to avoid disappointment at the potential for the tours being booked for when you want to go. You can get advance tickets or reservations to guarantee you will get a spot on one of the tours on the day you want to go.

The summer and early fall months are typically the busiest times to visit the house. When you plan your trip and get your reservation, you might find you have time to visit other local parks or places of interest as well. If this is the case, make the effort to find other local attractions your family might like while you wait for your tour.

If you have a larger group or family going with you, it's best to book at least several weeks in advance as there is the potential you can get a personalized tour for your own larger group.

Wear Comfortable Shoes And Clothes

On the day of your visit, make sure you wear comfortable hiking or walking shoes as the Fallingwater tours will provide a considerable amount of walking. If you plan to hike the area surrounding the home, you will need to also bring a light jacket in case it gets cooler, or a waterproof jacket or rain gear in the event it does rain.

It's best to wear lightweight clothes that provide flexibility for walking and hiking up hills and on uneven pathways.

Plan To Explore The Area

When planning your trip on one of the Fallingwater tours, make sure you plan to see the surrounding area as well. There are local shops not far from the guest house to explore, museum visits, and even other parks and hiking trails located nearby that might interest you.

You can make an entire weekend out of your visit to the area. If you are an avid outdoors person, or just someone who loves nature and history, take a look around at other locations to explore while in the area. If you are looking to stay for a while, reach out to a local Fallingwater guest house.

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