Six Mistakes To Avoid When You're On A Kentucky Bourbon Trail Tour

Experiencing the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is unforgettable. However, it's important to plan things out carefully to make the most of the experience. You don't want to make mistakes that could detract from your satisfaction with the experience.

The following are six mistakes you should be sure to avoid when you're on a Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour. 

Having no tunes for your tour

If you're going to be exploring Kentucky and indulging in its world-renowned bourbon, you need to set your tour to an appropriate soundtrack.

Obviously, the music you choose will depend on your personal preferences. However, if you want to get to know the local culture, you'll include some bluegrass and Appalachian folk music tracks. 

Attempting to make too many stops in a day

You may be feeling enthusiastic and want to take in everything during your tour. However, don't overdo it. Be realistic about how many stops you can make in a day. You want to have a leisurely time and enjoy the freedom to linger if you find a distillery or stop that's particularly appealing to you. 

Overlooking food

The focus of any bourbon tour is obviously going to be the drinks. That being said, there is plenty of delicious Southern cuisine that you'll want to experience during your tour. It's also important to have a full stomach if you'll be sampling a lot of bourbons.

Research restaurants in advance to take advantage of the best food Kentucky has to offer during your tour. 

Not realizing that cell service may be spotty

You're probably going to be going through some rural areas during your tour on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This means that you should plan ahead for spotty cell phone service and not assume you'll be able to make a call or pull up a website on your smartphone whenever you want during your tour. 

Thinking the only thing you can do is drink

There are plenty of attractions other than bourbon sampling to experience in the Kentucky Bourbon Trail area of Kentucky. In particular, you'll want to experience the culture of Louisville.

Louisville is a good home base for your tour, and it offers plenty of museums, theaters, restaurants, and parks to check out when you need a break from the bourbon. 

Failing to dress for comfort

A bourbon tour is probably going to include a lot of walking, so it's important to dress in comfortable and loose-fitting clothing. If your bourbon tour is during the summer, you also need to dress for the heat. Kentucky tends to be fairly hot and humid during the summer months. 

To learn more information about bourbon tours, reach out to a professional near you.

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