3 Strategies For Planning A Kid-Friendly RV Trip

If you've recently purchased an RV for the purpose of enjoying family road trips, you're undoubtedly looking forward to making memories with your children after hitting the open road. You probably already know that traveling with children has specific challenges not found with adults-only road trips. However, there are ways to ensure that the little ones in your family enjoy the trip as much as you do. Following are three strategies designed to help you craft a customized kid-friendly RV trip.

Don't Try to Cram Your Days Too Full

Although it's really tempting when planning your first road trip in an RV to try to schedule as many activities and sightseeing opportunities as possible, but this approach almost always backfires when you've got children along for the ride. Children have a way of throwing a monkey wrench into any plan, so avoid trying to cram your days too full. Also, avoid being always on the go — stop and spend a few days in well-chosen locations instead of spending most of the time on the road.   

Make and Follow a Workable Schedule

Making a schedule for your road trip is nonetheless important if you want to optimize your chances of smooth sailing. Many experienced RV enthusiasts prefer to take a spontaneous approach, especially if they aren't traveling with children, but crafting a schedule helps provide the kind of structure to your day that's important for children. If your children are old enough, giving them the chance to be a part of the trip planning process will increase their enjoyment of the experience. For instance, you could let each child choose a certain number of attractions along your route. 

Make Reservations at Family-Friendly RV Parks

Keep in mind that after being in a vehicle for most of the day, it's important for children to get out and get some physical activity. RV parks with family-friendly amenities such as playgrounds, water slides, swimming pools, and bike paths offer ideal environments for family recreation after a long day on the road. You and your family will also be able to meet and swap stories with RV vacationers. Some RV resorts even feature amenities such as restaurants, snack and ice cream shops, and outdoor movie theaters. Adults and kids alike will appreciate having access to full-sized bath and shower options. because these establishments feature full hookups, you'll be able to fully recharge your RV during your stay. 

Find a recreational vehicle park for you and your family to visit today. 

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