Renting An Apartment With Pets – What You Need To Know

Are you an animal lover looking for an apartment? It's not always easy finding a place to lease when you have furry, feathery or scaly friends moving with you. Here, you'll find a bit of information that can help avoid mistakes when moving into an apartment with pets.

Inquire Prior to Signing                  

Before you sign any lease, take the time to pick up the phone and talk directly to the building manager or owner. Tell them exactly what kind of pets you own, what kind of containment you have for them and the behaviors to be expected from them. This way, there aren't any surprised for you, or the apartment rental company when odd noises are heard coming from your apartment.

Prepare for Additional Fees

When you move a pet into a rental apartment, there may be additional fees to pay. This may include a one-time payment at the lease signing, or it could be an additional fee on each month of rent. Be sure that you're prepared to pay all fees associated with living with pets in the apartment.

Note: Some rental companies will charge an additional cleaning fee when you move out. This is to remove all of the pet dander and any evidence of pets living in the apartment before the next tenant moves in.

Map the Area

Are there places to take your dogs to walk and play near the apartment? Does the apartment offer any kind of lawn area where you'll be permitted to walk your dog to do his business? Before you start moving in, make sure that you'll have access to the outdoor places that your dog will need to thrive. It won't be easy living in a place where you'll have to walk a few blocks before your dog can pee.

Meet the Neighbors

Neighbors can be more trouble than landlords when it comes to pets living in apartment buildings. If you take the time to meet the neighbors and introduce them to the pets that you live with, they'll be more likely to contact you directly if they have a problem with anything going on in your apartment. Establishing a good relationship right off the starting line will help to keep things civil during stressful situations.

Talk with the apartment rental company leasing the unit that you're considering. He or she will walk you through any information that you'll need to know before you sign on the line.

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