Answers For Those Considering Touring The Boneyard In Tucson

For individuals that are interested in aviation, a boneyard tour in Tucson can be an exciting and informative experience. In order to maximize your enjoyment from this tour, you should have some basic information as you make your plans and preparations for this trip.

What Should You Do To Prepare For The Heat And Sun?

For individuals that are not native to Arizona, the heat and intense sunlight can be major concerns. Due to a lack of available shade, individuals that are planning to tour the boneyard should take some steps to protect their skin from the intense sun. At a minimum, individuals should wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat. The heat can be another factor to consider, and you will want to make sure that you have water available to help you stay cool and hydrated.

Will You Be Walking The Entire Tour?

Those that are considering touring the boneyard will often assume that they will have to walk for the entire tour. While it is true that individuals can expect to walk extensively, most tour services will be able to provide bus rides and other forms of transportation to help limit the amount of walking that will be done. Furthermore, these rides can give individuals a chance to cool off, and the bus will likely be equipped with a PA system so that the tour guide can provide information to guests.

Is It Necessary To Make A Reservation For One Of These Tours?

It is a common mistake for individuals to drastically underestimate the amount of interest that tourists have in touring the Tucson boneyard. However, it is common for these tours to fill up very quickly, and this can make it extremely difficult for individuals to find a spot if they have not made a reservation. At a minimum, you should make sure to reserve your spot on the tour at least several weeks prior to when you plan to arrive. You should also be aware that these tours can experience a major surge in customers during air shows and other major nearby events, which may be a factor that you want to consider when planning your trip.

Can Anyone Attend A Tour Of The Boneyard?

Due to safety concerns, there are limits governing those that are eligible for one of these tours. One of the most common restrictions will be age as individuals typically have to be over the age of 16 to attend one of these tours. Furthermore, individuals should be in good enough condition to handle the sun and heat for the length of the tour.

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