The Best Places In The World To Hire A Yacht Charter

A yacht charter is relaxing and comfortable, and oh so luxurious! If the ride along in a big boat was not enough to entice you to hire the charter company, you should also know that these charters are available in some of the best touring areas in the world. The following is just a small sample of places you should really consider hiring a luxury charter from a company like Sweet Yacht Charter for a few hours or a day.

The Bahamas

Most people do not know this, but the Bahamas are comprised of hundreds of islands. When you hire a charter here, the captain at the helm can show you dozens of these islands, and even put down anchor near a few if you would like a picnic on the beach of a secluded island. It can be a fun and romantic way to see this island nation without all of its hustle and bustle of inhabited main islands.

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea surrounds Italy, Greece, and many of the islands dotting its waters. You can really get a good feel for the cultures that inhabit the coastlines of these countries, while also spending warm afternoons lazily floating along on the sea. Since there is only a couple of ways out of the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, there is little concern that your charter could end up shipwrecked. The captain would and will remain within the reaches of dry coastline at all times. 

The American Northwest and Alaska

If you do not mind slightly cooler climes, you can circle around islands belonging to Washington state and/or Alaska. It is especially pleasant in summer, when the breezes are cool and the sun is warm, but not too hot. There are dozens of private and public islands you can see or visit with both states. You will also see whales, seals, dolphins, orcas, etc., depending on the time of year that you hire the charter and head out on tour. The only times that these charters do not set forth (besides foul weather, of course) is when there are big sheets of ice in the water, or the water is so frozen over near Alaska that it is not safe trying to sail a yacht through the waters. 

Heading out on Vacation? Ask Your Travel Agent About Charters

If your vacation destination is not one of the above, but you will be near water, ask your travel agent about available charters. He or she can search and call ahead to see what is available. Your travel agent can also provide you with costs and available days and hours.

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